I make a case for Valmiki's culturally important epic poem, The Ramayana. There might be a flying monkey and a blue guy, but this is a SERIOUS work!

It's another bonus episode, but it's a fun one where I lay down my movie adaptation-hating mantle and allow that sometimes, not only do movies get it right, they do it better. Sometimes.

Let's talk circluar logic and a war book that is just plain fun with Joseph Heller's classic, Catch-22.

It's another bonus episode from my Patreon days and it's a funny one about details from Dante's Inferno that I originally left out of the main show for fear of offending a listener. Oh well!

Ambrose Bierce was a short story writer with an influence that is far-reaching. And he was a notorious grouch with an amazing name.

I'm talking about Franz Kafka's amazing (and short) work, The Metamorphosis! You need a BIG can of Raid for this one.

Ovid's Metamorphoses is one of the greatest epic poems in the Latin language. Myths, gods, heroes, and and endless stream of rape victims. It's harsh, but absolutely worth a read.

I need a little more time for the next two episodes, so please enjoy this Bonus Episode from my Patreon!

No particular case this week, as I wanted to talk about an Ancient Athenian playwright who wrote plays that are STILL being produced!

With hope for an end in sight, I thought it was time to finally talk about Giovanni Boccaccio's plague-set book, The Decameron.

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